Wallpaper, Backgrounds, and Tiles

This is a selection of bitmap wallpaper tiles that I designed. The only one that I didn't design myself is The Difference Engine. I based that tile on The Difference Engine by George Retseck (for the cover of Scientific American, Feb 1993). I modified it a bit so that it would make a seamless tile.

Most of these I designed while working for a medical insurance firm and not because I enjoy injections (apparently that needed clarification for some people).

All of these tiles are shown with their normal brightness and contrast. This is usually not good for backgrounds, especially where dark text will be printed over the background. You may need to adjust the tile with a paint program to reduce the contrast and increase the brightness. If you need help just email me.

Click on any of the tiles below to preview what they would look like when tiled on a web page.
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A hypodermic needle.

Hypos and ampoules.

Hypo and ampoule
dense arrangement


Skull and Crossbones
(dedicated to my mother.)

Tiny Skull and Crossbones

Babbage's Difference Engine
24-bit PNG format.

Bill Gates small

Bill Gates big

Bill Gates subliminal

Asunder Destruction.
Handy stripe "Under Construction" tile.

Red Velvet Curtain

Graph Paper

Bad Reception
What makes this tile interesting is that it is actually quite difficult to make a tile appear random because by it's very nature it's repeated. When the eye looks at a featureless field it locks on to any pattern. I think I hid the seam pretty well on this tile.



Letter From Satisfied Visitor

Date: Wed, 22 May 1996 23:35:34 -0500
From: Jeremy Lira
To: noah@noah.org
Subject: what?

You call that shit wallpaper? Bill gates, prozac, skulls ...
for your mother??? You're a fucking freak.

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