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San Paco, Pax Calida Fornax

Noah's Random Notes





Hamstercules was the biggest hamster I have ever had or ever seen. I've had lots of hamsters. My daughter picked it out at the pet store. I was like, "Are you sure, honey? It's not as... uh... well... you know... not as cute as the other hamsters." But, no, she was sure, so we took it home. It got twice as big over time, and that was all muscle, not fat. Most hamsters occasionally make faint squeaking sounds. Hamstercules was the only hamster I've ever had that would grunt. And it was fast. It was hard to catch if it got out of the cage. But my daughter got pretty good at catching it. She would pick it up in one hand like a softball, "I got it!" I was terrified of the thing. It was her job to catch it when it escaped, which was often.

self description

I live in San Paco, a microstate off the left coast, under the protectorate of the Pax Calida Fornax.

Ha! On, on, O Noah!

I like science and art.

md5sum of nothing

md5sum of NULL


4E 4F 41 48
 HEX: 0x4E
 DEC: 78
 OCT: 0116
 BIN: 0b1001110
 BIN: 01 00 11 10
PAR0: 0
PAR1: 1
 STR: 'N'
v ^
> <

HEX: 0x4F
DEC: 79
OCT: 0117
BIN: 0b1001111
BIN: 01 00 11 11
PAR0: 1
PAR1: 1
STR: 'O'
v ^
> >

HEX: 0x41
DEC: 65
OCT: 0101
BIN: 0b1000001
BIN: 01 00 00 01
PAR0: 0
PAR1: 0
STR: 'A'
v ^
^ v

HEX: 0x48
DEC: 72
OCT: 0110
BIN: 0b1001000
BIN: 01 00 10 00
PAR0: 0
PAR1: 0
STR: 'H'
v ^
< ^
^  00
v  01
<  10
>  11

other numbers in other bases





\\ //

  \\ /,

\\  //

\\ //

2nd Derivative

Some of these projects warrant merit whereas the rest merit a warrant.

Profound or confounding?



All the physics equations on one handy page: physics equations.

Some Useful Unicode Symbols

In Linux you can enter Unicode hex values directly by holding ctrl and shift while typing u followed by the 4 digit hex value of Unicode character. You hold ctrl and shift for the entire sequence. So <ctrl-shift>U221E will produce the infinity sign, .

In Mac OS X to enter Unicode you go to System Preferences | Keyboard | Input Sources. Then click + to add a keyboard input source. Select and add the "Unicode Hex Input". To find this input source use the search box rather than trying to scroll though the lists (If you insist, it is under Other at the very end, after Welsh, and not in alphabetical order). Later you turn on the Unicode input method. Once activated you can type hex input by pressing and holding the Option (alt) key while typing hex values. Note that as of 2016-02-18 Mac OS X does not support hex codes longer than 4 digits. So, unfortunately, you can't enter the perfectly valid and official Unicode Vulcan salute, 🖖'U+1F596, but you can try to get by with ש (Hebrew letter shin, U+05E9).

See also:

Common characters that people often get wrong.

Some symbols look the same as their counterparts in the Greek alphabet, but these are actually seen as different in Unicode. These do not decompose as equivalent or compatible. For example, if you mean Ohm you should use the Ohm sign, not the Greek Omega. Probably this makes little practical difference in the real world. Any sort of semantic search indexing system probably has special cases for Greek letters used in other contexts. This can affect sorting and lexical indexing, but again, I can't think of any instance where this would actually cause a problem. Some fonts might be complete for some code points in the code space, but not others. I've not seen any that have the Greek letters, but not the Mathematical signs. So really, you want to use the correct symbol just to be correct, smartypants.

Ohm sign, not Greek Omega, Ω. U+2126
Micro sign, not Greek Mu, μ. U+00B5

Characters that are commonly used, but are not common on most US keyboards.

small Greek pi. U+03C0
mathematical sigma. U+2211
ohm. U+2126
micro. U+00B5
Ångström. U+212B
square root. U+221A
integral. U+222B
infinity. U+221E
aleph or alef. Most often used with subscript 0, as in 0, or aleph null, which is the cardinality of ω0 (countably infinite). U+2135
Degree symbol. U+00B0
Degree Fahrenheit. U+2109
Degree Celsius. U+2103
Degree Kelvin. U+212A
Plank constant. U+210E
Hysteresis symbol. U+238E
Euro currency symbol. U+20AC
Pound Sterling. U+00A3
Copyright symbol. U+00A9
Trademark Sign. U+2122
divide. U+00F7
plus-minus. U+00B1
not equal. U+2260
approximately equal. U+2248
superscript zero. U+2070
superscript one. U+00B9
superscript two. U+00B2
superscript three. U+00B3
superscript four. U+2074
superscript five. U+2075
superscript six. U+2076
superscript seven. U+2077
superscript eight. U+2078
superscript nine. U+2079
1/2. U+00BD
1/4 and 3/4. U+00BC U+00BE
1/3 and 2/3. U+2153 U+2154
fifths. U+2155 through U+2158
sixths. U+2159 U+215A
skull and crossbones. U+2620
radioactive sign. U+2622
biohazard sign. U+2623
plastic code polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PETE). U+2673
plastic code high density polyethylene (HDPE). U+2674

Some Useless Unicode Symbols

Greek Question Mark. U+037E. Although this may be canonically decomposed to a real semicolon (U+003B), this is not required and I am not aware of any IDE text editors that automatically normalize Unicode. The Greek Question mark can really screw up C, C++, Java, and anything else that relies on semicolons for syntax. This may be taken as an invitation to mayhem.


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Touch the puppet head.

A gigantic nuclear furnace.

When in doubt, tell the truth.

I am entropy.

Less input. More output.

...bytes to bytes and bits to bits:

>/dev/null 2>&1

The truth shall make you free.

The arrows affected the aardvark. The effect was eye-popping.

Disaster's on its way, for sure,
For this libation is liqueur.

a wiki of every tech fact I have ever learned

Sometimes the fault isn't in the same spot as the failure.

There are 10 types of people in the world -- those that understand binary, and those that don't.

This is happening soonishly now...

1111111111 * 1111111111 == 1234567900987654321

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.” - Epicurus

Newbie says, "What?"


We are here to serve humanity. here to reaffirm gentility. Life away from fear to sanity. Carefully promote tranquility. Grant us neither gifts not gratitude.... -- The Monitors

"Why" -- a nasty little Protestant word. -- Bless me, Father.