Noah's Pictures

Potato Hill Paragliding 2005-05-29
Paragliding trip to Potato Hill, California.

Expedition Reno
A trip to Nevada. We visited areas near Virginia City and Pyramid Lake.

Expedition Death Valley
A trip to Nevada and California.

The Y2K Party
San Francisco Riot Police contain another New Year's mayhem

This page has some interesting photos I took with my x-ray machine.

Another day in paradise

Deep '66
My current car of choice

Japanese Sex Machine
My previous car of choice

Flat tire in Saline Valley.

PAO Lightning
Freak lightning storm at Palo Alto airport.

Magic Air
Biplane flight over San Juan islands.

The more cats the better (actually, just a random collection of animals and stuff).

Donuts and beer -- 24 hours a day.

Voodoo doll
A friend of mine is arachnophobic. I made this to taunt him.
Wire and "sculpy III" polymer clay. The cocoon is made of cotton thread painted with Elmer's white glue thinned with water.


This is a cat

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