My Broke Back Mountain Trip in La Salina, Baja California 2005-12-02


subdural hematoma
arachnoidal hematoma
T8 and T9 compression fracture

conditions were mild. a bit northy. I was kiting. we had been waiting there for a few hours in hopes that the wind would pick up. it was starting to get a bit better, but it felt a bit too light to launch. that was all I remember (a bit of retrograde amnesia). I probably never made it off the ground. my friend said he remembers seeing me getting dragged along the cliff by my wing. I was bouncing head over heels over the rocks. my helmet showed multiple impacts all over. I was told (later) that north wind conditions can be unpredictable at this site. I did get a site intro a few days before, but nobody can prepare you for everything.

lonesome road up to the ridge
only slightly faster than hiking
up the ridge trail.

my first day (good flight)
...time passes...
a few days go by at Rancho Patron.
we come back to La Salina.
something bad happens.
I land on my head.
I have no memory of this.
everything is blank for
about half an hour
before and after the crash
there were no witnesses, so I'll
never know what I did wrong.

T8 compression fracture

what is a compression fracture?

a week later, the only visible signs

flight video

Flying at Rancho Patron (south of La Salina)

for all you concerned mothers
out there, this beer was
enjoyed after my flight
on a different day.