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The best motorcycle is the next motorcycle.
The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.

Motorcycles use extreme caution

Transportation hacks articles on Hack-a-Day.

I wonder if these tours are any good: But will they let me go even if I don't own an Aerostitch jacket? I got Aerostitch pants -- they're great -- but the jackets are fugly.

Nice writeup of long trip planning:

Motorcycle Philippines

This is a nice site with motorcycle repair info: Dan's MC Repair Course.

Pay the bastards -- parking tickets

San Francisco Department of Parking and Traffic

Risks of travel

These statistics are taken from an article by Roger Ford in Modern Railways, Oct 2000 based on a DETR survey. This table gives the number of fatalities per billion km, per journey, and per hour of travel. 

Risks of travel
deaths per billion km deaths per million journey deaths per million hours
Air 0.05 Bus 4.3 Bus 11.1
Bus 0.04 Rail 20 Rail 30
Rail 0.6 Van 20 Air 30.8
Van 1.2 Car 40 Water 50
Water 2.6 Foot 40 Van 60
Car 3.1 Water 90 Car 130
Bicycle 44.6 Air 117 Foot 220
Foot 54.2 Bicycle 170 Bicycle 550
Motorcycle 108.9 Motorcycle 1640 Motorcycle 4840

Motorcycle shops in the San Francisco

  • MotoJava 415-255-9527 / 498 - 9th st. # Really nice guys!
  • Charlie's Place 415-255-0316 / 3084 - 17th st.
  • Subterranean Cycles 415-775-2999 / 886 Geary st.
  • Munroe Motors 415-626-3496 / 412 Valencia st.
  • Werkstatt 415-552-8115 / 3248 - 17th st.
  • Scuderia West 415-621-7223 / 69 Duboce ave. # Home of the Aprilia SXV
  • Desmoto 415-552-7729 / 220 - 9th st.
  • Hayasa Motorbikes 510-834-8803 / 430 E 10th st., Oakland # Great shop!
  • Godspeed 510-547-1313 / 5532 San Pablo ave., Oakland

Motorcycle Parking in San Francisco

Map of Motorcycle parking in San Francisco This is all SFMTA parking zones.

Establishing motorcycle parking in San Francisco

Color Curbs in San Francisco Applications for establishing new colored curbs or modifying existing curbs -- red, white, green, etc.

Parking Meter debit cards Most of the parking meters in San Francisco accept Pre-Paid Parking Meter Smart Cards. This page shows where you can purchase them.

Motorcycle Roads

  • Fairfax Bolinas road
  • Ridgecrest Summit road
  • Pinehurst road to Redwood road (Starts at Skyline drive and ends in Castro Valley) South of Upper San Leandro Reservoir and Cull Canyon Recreational Area. North of Chabot Regional Park.

Motorcycle Road Maps

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="37.744708" lon="-122.420697" type="map" zoom="16" scale="yes" overview="yes"> 37.742185, -122.420697, 266 Coleridge St 266 Coleridge St San Francisco, CA </googlemap>


  • OBD-II (ISO 9141-2) is the data protocol (protocol, application layer).
  • CAN (ISO 11898) is the signal interface standard (the bus, physical layer, etc.).

The Multistrada 1000s DS has a Magneti Marelli IAW 59M ECU (also listed as IAW 5.9M).

The IAW 59M EDU is supported by Vehicle Diagnostic Scan-Tool Software (VDSTS). Techno Research does not sell OBD-II kits directly; instead, other companies sell adapter cables bundled with the software.



BlueTooth ODB-II adapter.


For cooking I've had good luck with Heat-it, Dual Heat, or Safe Heat from Candle Lamp Co.. These are a small chafing canisters, but is different than Sterno and other alcohol based heaters. They are made with diethylene glycol which burns longer and is less messy than others I have tried. A canister containing 9.24 oz. or 262g will burn for 6 hours. These don't burn hot like a real gas or alcohol camp-stove, but they will boil water. I like them for the simplicity. You just carry the one can.

Aprilia SXV

I want this motorcycle: Aprilia SXV] This is the bike I wish Ducati would make -- a lightweight, sexy V-twin. I mean, the Hypermotard is cool, but if it's anything like my Multistrada it's just a big sport-touring bike with motard styling. Perhaps the professional elite can whip it around like a nimble little bike, but it's 390 pounds versus 280 pounds for the SXV. I nearly broke my foot when I went down on my Multistrada (440 pounds... shift peg broke off in my boot)... The The SXV has only been out for a year, so I'm waiting for the major service bugs to be worked out of it. I don't even mind that it's water-cooled. I test drove one for about half an hour in SF -- best bike ever. Perfect for bombing around the city. I wish I was 20 years younger, but then this bike might have killed me if I had been riding it in my teens ;-)

Don't get me wrong. I love my Multistrada. It's just not made for SF streets... And I haven't ridden the Hypermotard yet.


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