Java just sucks

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The Java rant...

Java fails in every aspect it was intended.

Jboss configuration is absurd.

I hate XML. Although this guy doesn't and has one of the few sensible articles defending it. While I disagree with many of his points at least he has solid points instead of the usual "everyone is using it so why argue even if it isn't good...".

Ant is completely retarded.

WORA was a lie. I have never worked on a Java project that was easy to port. It's a pain in the ass to even port it between different versions of a JDK. Even different minor releases cause problems. Sure, the JVM bytecode might be sort of portable, but you don't just run bytecode, you run an application in a whole greasy ball of JDK. And then people love to make that more complicated and painful by running inside of some sort of application server framework container environment.

Java's Checked Exceptions completely miss the point of exception handling. The whole idea of Exception Handling is to make exception handling clean and easy. It isn't there to force the programmer to handle exceptions. Exception handling should support good exception logic by clearing the clutter out of the normal logic path. Checked Exceptions distract from the normal code flow. JESUS CHRIST, I HATE CHECKED EXCEPTIONS!!!