Tortoise SVN with PuTTY

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Avoid typing your SSH password by using PuTTY Pageant

This will allow you to authenticate once with PuTTY's Authentication Agent, Pageant. This saves you from having to enter your password every time you access the SVN server. This is only useful when you are using the svn+ssh method of accessing the SVN server.

  1. Get PuTTY and install it: putty-0.60-installer.exe Also check here to see if there is a newer version: PuTTY Download.
  2. In your "Start menu | All Programs " you should see a new menu "PuTTY".
  3. Pageant needs to be running in the background in order to automatically authenticate you when you use Tortoise to connect to the SVN server. Under PuTTY open "Pageant". This will show up on your applet tray in the lower right of your Windows Taskbar; it looks like a computer wearing a hat. You may put Pageant in your "Start | All Programs | Startup".
  4. Also open "PuTTYgen".
  5. Click "Generate" to create a new key pair.
  6. See the "Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file" and below that enter a "Key passphrase" and "Confirm passphrase".
  7. Click "Save private key". This can be anywhere on your local Windows machine. Do no check the private key into the Subversion repository. It should be called "id_rsa.ppk". Keep this file safe as it unlocks your account on the SVN server.
  8. Select All and Copy the text from the text box, "Public key for pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file". It should look something like this:
    ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAAQJQAAAIEAo73h1A5bcGdIv5U6IE1Q1vq3wp1YJUkn4y2vZHvwJQMOFdi7JnGNNl5kUW2Sh0KE5VVw4nAxjSjKh7n+uToks6Gp2NAQ2o14kzUBeefX5uE01q0dLoRdCEIn2PTxpyzDKtRojLRcBS62IIiWmUG0n1AOF2QdtNfaCT+DfcP2aKM= rsa-key-20060809
  9. Login to the remote server and edit your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. Paste the Public Key that you copied from PuTTYgen. Write the file and you can logout of the remote server. You might have to create this file and directory. If so, then be sure the permissions are correct:
    chmod 700 ~/.ssh; chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  10. On your local Windows machine Right-click on the Pageant icon (a computer wearing a hat in the applet tray).
  11. select "Add key"
  12. select the "id_rsa.ppk" that you saved in step 7.
  13. TortoiseSVN should now authenticate automatically through Pageant.