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Align (register) 8 images using only a 100 pixel band at the bottom for registration. This does not seem to be quite right. I think the nex option in --visp is causing it to ignore the exclusion zone.

ale-bin --trans-save=seq.t --ex 0 500 0 400 0 7 --visp last:nex:triangle:2 sf:0 seq-reg- .ppm --exshow seq-[0-7].ppm test.ppm

Using --crop is more intuitive. It's the opposite of --ex. With --crop you specify the area that you want to focus on; everything else is ignored. In the rendering you will still see the whole image due to the nex option in --visp.

ale-bin --crop 100 370 1 135 0 7 --rot-upper=1 --perturb-upper=10% --visp last:nex:triangle:2 sf:0 seq-ale- .ppm --exshow --trans-save=seq-ale.t 8bit-gray/8-seq-[0-7].ppm test.ppm

The --trans-save=FILENAME option will cause ALE to save the transformation registration that it found. You can use this later to fine-tune or override the transformation that ALE uses.